Delta Contracting Services, Inc. represents a new generation of contractor offering a modern approach to roofing. By incorporating more sustainable and environmentally conscious materials and practices, Delta is putting a little "green" into traditional roofing.
Solar Arrays and Solar Roof Preparation

Trusted Partners of Solar Integrators

Delta Contracting Services provides field support for solar integrators.  With our extensive roofing expertise and experience, Delta has the know-how to make just about any roof solar-ready—and handle whatever problems might arise along the way.

We’ve worked with solar integrators on small projects as well as some of the largest rooftop solar installations in New Jersey. To date, Delta has participated in the roof preparation, construction and/or assembly for more than 2 megawatts of rooftop solar installations.

Solar arrays cannot be installed on a roof if the roof is damaged or not strong enough to support them.  Delta’s skilled roofers are trained and experienced in solar installations. 

High-Efficiency Daylighting Systems
Supplement Your Electrical System with Natural Sunlight

High-efficiency “daylighting” systems use the sun’s reflected light to supplement or replace electric lighting; with its free energy source, daylighting can reduce energy bills significantly.
Delta collaborates with Orion Energy Systems on installations of Orion’s Apollo® Light Pipe in a variety of settings, including schools, gymnasiums, warehouses, factories, offices, and government buildings. 

When the Apollo Light Pipe is installed together with Orion’s InteLite® controls and high-efficiency lighting systems, electricity automatically shuts off when the sun is at its brightest, and then gradually turns on more bulbs as daylight dims. 

It’s a simple matter to measure and manage your energy use and immediately improve your bottom line with a daylighting system.

Garden Roofs Beautify, Protect, and Earn LEED Credits

Take Advantage of City Tax Breaks as You Reduce Your Energy Costs

Would you like to double the life of your roof, control storm water runoff, and increase the effectiveness of your insulation?  With a garden roof, you can do all that plus re-oxygenate the air, reduce “urban heat island effect,” and absorb sound—all while creating an aesthetically pleasing rooftop array of plants and flowers.

Rooftop gardens originated in Europe centuries ago, but only with the development of waterproof, single-ply roofing in the last 30 years have they become viable roofing options.  Because they help to improve air quality, the U.S. Green Building Council has endorsed garden roofing systems through its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program, and many of the country’s largest cities are offering tax credits for garden roofs.

In New York, for example, building owners can receive a one-time tax credit of up to $100,000 (or $4.50 per square foot) for garden roof installations.  In Philadelphia, building owners can receive a credit against the city’s Business Privilege Tax of 25 percent of their garden roof construction costs, up to $100,000. In both cities, the garden must cover 50 percent of the available rooftop.

Also known as “vegetative roofs,” these installations consist of layers—beginning with the base (the structural roof of the building) and insulation, covered by the waterproof roofing membrane, followed by protective barriers, a drainage layer, and topped with the growth medium into which plants are set.

Garden roofs can even be created with pre-planted modules that arrive in bloom, to be placed in an array on your roof.

Protect Your Ductwork, Avoid Leaks and Conserve Energy

Get a Long-Term Solution with Delta Thermoplastic Membranes

Exterior ductwork that is insufficiently insulated or sealed can lead to costly energy loss and damaging interior leaks that often are misdiagnosed as roof leaks. Even the newest, most efficientmechanical units cannot compensate for poor ductwork.  And most exterior duct-wrapping systems are short-lived and quicklybecome unsightly maintenance items.

With our high-quality thermoplastic roofing membranes, Delta’s Exterior Duct Protection System will give you a long-term, maintenance-free solution.

Delta’s system:
:: Uses efficient, closed-cell insulation adhered to the duct. No penetration = no air loss.
:: Uses a fully adhered .045 thermoplastic membrane outer covering.
:: Has waterproof seams that are heat welded and permanent—no tapes, caulks or fasteners.
:: Uses highly reflective Energy Star-rated membrane.
:: Is easily repaired or altered.
:: Is virtually maintenance free, which means low life-cycle cost.

Why rely on inferior materials when you can use the same durable products that have been performing on rooftops for decades? The membranes used in our system excel in resisting UV exposure, tears, punctures and fire. They are also resistant to most forms of fungus, algae and/or micro-biological attack.

Whether you need protection for a few feet or a few miles of rooftop ductwork, call Delta to learn how our Exterior Duct Protection System can help reduce your building’s energy use and save you money:  732-432-4870. 

To request a free estimate for a new or replacement roof, or a free inspection and evaluation for a preventive maintenance program, contact Delta Contracting Services today.

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