Delta Contracting Services, Inc. represents a new generation of contractor offering a modern approach to roofing. By incorporating more sustainable and environmentally conscious materials and practices, Delta is putting a little "green" into traditional roofing.
A New Generation of Roofing Systems and Roofers

Although the roofing industry has made great strides in recent years, many roofers haven’t kept pace.  Delta Contracting Services, Inc., came of age as part of this new generation of roofing that has forever altered life cycle costs and the environmental impact of roofs.  

Our experienced roofing craftsmen are extensively trained in the use of high-performance roofing materials.  For commercial, institutional and industrial roofs, we work primarily with single-ply white thermoplastic membranes, water-based adhesives, and low-rise urethane foam adhesives.  Thermoplastic membrane roofs are fused with a hot-air welding process that creates a watertight seal. There are no open flames, and our low-VOC (volatile organic compound) products emit virtually no odor. These qualities are particularly important with occupied buildings and help reduce the impact of construction on building operations.

No roof is too high, too low, too pitched, or too unusually shaped for Delta’s professional team.  For residential roofs, churches, and other customers, Delta works with the materials best-suited to the architectural style and specific requirements of your roof.

We offer the following services: 

:: Installation & Replacement
:: Maintenance & Repairs
:: 24-Hour Emergency Service
:: Specialty Services
:: Solar Arrays and Solar Roof Preparation
:: Daylighting
:: Garden Roofs
:: Duct Protection

From Liability to Asset

Once “out of sight, out of mind” unless/until it sprang a leak, a roof today can contribute to energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and sustainability.  Savvy building owners now see this former liability as an important asset. 

They’ve learned that:

Light-weight, white membrane roofing can be installed as a second layer over black built-up roofs, limiting or eliminating landfill impact, and transforming the roof from heat-absorbing to heat-reflecting—which can yield HVAC energy savings.
Seamless membrane roofing offers superior durability and resistance to various environmental factors, including ultraviolet rays and chemical exposure.
Roofs can be green, supporting not only solar arrays, but also daylighting , and rooftop gardens.

To request a free estimate for a new or replacement roof, or a free inspection and evaluation for a preventive maintenance program, contact Delta Contracting Services today.

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